What is it?

Macrofónia is Music in first person. The macrofonic concept is to create a Symphonic music of our time.

The Philosophie 

Macrofonia is a multimedia union of Symphonic music, Opera, Theatre and Movie at the same time or separated. The Music is composed based on a history that has personages from the beginning to the end.

In first person because the author is not only writhing about something, he/she is not only telling a history and completing it with tunes, the composer is an actor of it. The composer assumes the action and not only describes it. 

The aesthetics, like the Symphonic Music, is based on a theme but this one will be completely alienated, like improvisation assumes the lead. The composer will let it go whatever tonal modulations and rhythms changes come. That is the heart of Macrofonia, variations, exceptions. Like in real life. You plan something and it goes wrong, but you have to adapt to this new situation. Further you will find the moment to take something in control. You find the tune again but in a new reality. In this new reality, the same theme will sound completely different but in some ways you’ll feel like home, a new home.

It is bigger than Symphony, in terms of time?

Not necessarily but because of the nature of it, the freedom of variations, turns, modulation and rhythms, it is more intense. The nature of Macrofonia is to seduce the audience to imaginative landscapes and situations and that sometimes literally.


Macrofónia n° 1-Libertaria

One history about the invasion of Brazil, what History calls, „Discovering of…“

Tells the history from the point of view of the oppressed: the original population, the poor eluded europeans that came to fulfill the dreams of the european nobels and kings and later, the africans brought to be slaves. 

In the middle of this, a love story between „Jacy“, a Guarani woman and Pedro, a Portuguese Navigator.  

It begins in the middle of the Atlantic near the coast of Brazil. The Ship, a „Nau“, sails through a tropical storm that slowly begins. Waves grow, the crew despairs, some are screaming, others praying loud, „God saves us….“. I am an atheist, but the people are not, and at that time they were very afraid of having sins and being punished for it. That’s what Macrofonia is. Not only the beliefs of the Composer but the reality like it is. 

Beyond that Macrofonia is an aesthetics that can be used on every kind of instrumentation even on solo instrumental pieces. Contemporary works have a lot of this concept but most of it are very difficult for the majority of the audience. Like making music for other composers. Macrofonia takes contemporary to an emotional level even using atonal and having courage to the dissonances. If people understand the visualization, the feeling that the composer is transmitting, what landscape to imagine, what action is happening then the dissonances will just enforce the imagination.