„Music is life and like it, it is an endless source of energy that exists beyond us. It exists also without us, and so, music leads the composer who has to find an agreement between leading and be leaded by the Music …“       
My music exists in my head before I write. It comes also from practicing and improvising on the piano what I do every day. It comes from past experiences, from development of what I am already doing. I am always in the middle of something, so that my brain never stops, even in my dreams, lurching for developments, solutions. Sleep is always a solution!

I don’t use any kind of composition theory, not on the purpose of creating music, because the music, like I said before, exists in my head, so the use of theories stays in the category of having fun. In the 2° Macrofonia, the History of the Indians Aimberê and Moema I use a Fibonacci series on the 4° Mov.

Music needs life in it’s full content.