„Music is life and like it is a endless source of energy that exists beyond us…”

Streich Quartett n3. Januar 2021

Monotonia. My Macrofonic manifest publicized by the University of California (UCLA)


Life is energy! Macrofonia n°3. A Doc. about the new work, on going of Hélio Boechat Seródio. In 4 pieces.

About what is Life?

The Iconoclast.Overture Trailer

The Iconoclast-Trailer– High Potential. Der Baß als Iconoclast

The Iconoclast- Thema für Iara, “Sea, see, seen!”

Tunes/Noten/partituras-Choro Contemporâneo 6 (2019)

Choro Contemporâneo n°6 for Orchestra
Macrofonic aesthetics

Tunes/Noten/Partituras – Macrofonia n°1 “Libertaria”. (2018-selection of)

Macrofonia n°1- Libertaria
1_Intro: “Tempestade” und Theme “Paradise”
2_3:40s “Paixão” (passion)
3_Arrival of the Afrikans”
5-Action: Soldiers Chasing Jacy’s Tribe
6-“Trinca-ferro”. A bird claims his Territory
Selection of the 6 Mov.The Tunes of this selection does not follow the original order.
This Composition have 1:10 an 1914 measures.

Tunes/Noten/Partituras – Piano Concert n°1, “O Repente”. (2018-selection of)

Piano concert n°1- “O repente”
Selection: 3° Mov. The raw landscape of Northeast Brazil (Agreste)
Rain is about to come, thunder, wind and finally the rain.
The Tunes of this selection does not follow the original order.
This Concert have 1:05

Tunes/Noten/partituras – St. Q. “Estranhos no ninho” (2019)

String Q. “Estranhos no ninho”
Macrofonic aesthetics.

Tunes/Noten/partituras-3 Brazilian Dances- Frevo, Bossa and Choro (2018)

3 Brazilian dances for Orchestra
Frevo, Bossa, Choro.